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Be on the look out for Lecrae’s new mixtape, Church Clothes.

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(AllHipHop News) Reach Recording artist and Grammy-nominated rapper Lecrae is set to release his highly anticipated mixtape entitled Church Clothes, hosted by DJ Don Cannon and to be released on May 10.

Lecrae was first introduced to mainstream fans at the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards, where he performed in “The Cypher” with UK import songstress Estelle, Brooklyn’s Nitty Scott, and French MC, Saprano. The Church Clothes mixtape is Lecrae’s official introduction to the mainstream audience and will feature No Malice (formerly Malice of The Clipse) and production from 9th Wonder, Bio 1-Da, S1 (Kanye, Beyonce), and Street Symphony (Reach Records, Ludacris, Gucci Mane).

“What interested me was that he feels so strongly about his beliefs, and I am the same way,” states DJ Don Cannon during a interview. “It’s something special in music to be able to stand up in this industry and bring the people something different.”

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Real Christianity

Christians come together on Sunday because it is the day that Christ rose from the dead.

We willingly give sacrificially because of Christ’s sacrificial giving of Himself.

We bear one another’s burdens because Christ bore all of our burdens on the cross.

And we lay our lives down for others because Christ laid down His life for us.

adapted from The End of the Law by Jason C. Meyer 

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